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From Obscene Extreme page:
"You'd be forgiven for assuming from their name that TOOLS OF THE TRADE are just another bunch of goregrind obsessives, rearranging the notes in Carcass songs and pretending they wrote them. You'd be forgiven, and you'd be wrong.
Forming in 2004, Tools Of The Trade play abrasive and technical grind/death metal, and over their 2005 'EASTERN GRIND UNLEASHED' split, 2007 album 'INMATE CONSUMPTION' and most recent release, 2011 five-track cassette 'PULSE', TOOLS OF THE TRADE have become hard-touring, hard-working staples of the South East Asian scene.
Promising, to 'defile Europe' with their tour, OBSCENE EXTREME 2012 will be easy work – after 13 years of crust, grind and death metal, it's pretty fucking defiled already!!!"